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Jan 1, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

Workout of the Month

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the workout of the month challenge originally was designed for those feeling unmotivated, for those feeling they don’t have time to workout + for those that show up to workout but have no idea what to do. with that being said, the workout of the month is designed for all levels. the workouts are short + simple which means it won’t take much of your day + it will take little thought to get you through. these workouts are structured to be repeated as many times as you'd like throughout the month + they will progress throughout the course of the year. more than anything, these workouts are meant to get you up + moving. don't be afraid, have fun with it + invite your friends to join you in the challenge to complete one new workout every month this year! need further assistance? check out the group discussion for exercise demonstration videos i will be uploading each month + don’t hesitate to leave me feedback once your workout of the month is complete.

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Workout of the Month

Workout of the Month

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