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About Me

about me

wife.  mom.   daughter.   athlete.   trainer.   cook.  dancer.   helper.   coach.   realist. 

hello, my name is lindsay. maiden name heck, married makes it magee. i'm a former nba dancer for the chicago bulls and a former food-addict. i've won my battle with bulimia through faith, love, and perspective. i'm a hard worker and a perfectionist. i have overcome a lot in my 30 years, but i'm still human and with that, flaws are inevitable. my purpose on this earth is ultimately to help others find their freedom from depression, anxiety, negativity, self-hate, food, and the many untruths of the world through movement, encouragement, and practice.  fad diets, over-exercising, saying no to your favorite foods, and cardio all day everyday are not welcome here 

simply because -- i keep it real.


what i do [for you]

virtual training

meet me online for one-on-one or group workouts tailored to your individual needs. all workouts will be customized based off of your equipment, space, and overall goals.

on-site training

meet me face-to face for a personalized workout anywhere! workouts can take place at a local gym, studio space or in the comfort of your own home.

nutritional coaching

meet me virtually online or in person for health coaching sessions. for these sessions, i focus on helping you create a healthy relationship with food while developing habits to last you a lifetime.




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