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dairy-free mac'n'cheese


  • 2 cups cooked butternut squash

  • 1 tbs tahini

  • 2 tbs nutritional yeast

  • 2/3 cups bone broth (can sub nutmilk of choice)

  • dash of cayenne, turmeric, black pepper, sage, coriander + cinnamon

  • 1 box of pasta


for squash, preheat oven to 375 degrees. half, remove seeds and bake face down​ for ~45 minutes until soft. remove squash and let cool. once squash is ready, gut from the skin using a spoon and toss in blender with remaining ingredients. blend until creamy and smooth. pour over your favorite pasta + enjoy!

note: recipe can be made with canned or frozen squash as well! for additional protein, try using chickpea pasta or adding cooked ground turkey to the mix.

Marble Surface
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