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Referral Program + January Deals

January promotions may be purchased in December but will only be accepted from January 1-31st. Please reach out with any questions or concerns prior to purchasing your monthly program. Please take advantage of these deals! I cannot wait to kick off the new year with you.

New Client Referral

I am excited to announce my new client referral program! Refer a new client that purchases a monthly training package + you both will receive 25% off your next training package or purchase. Referral bonus accounts for monthly or group training clients and is not limited per client so, refer away!


Nutrition Promo

Receive 25% off any nutritional coaching sessions or purchased nutritional guides using code HEALTHYASHECK25. If purchasing offline, please provide code to Lindsay in order to redeem. Offer expires January 31st.


January Personal Training Promo

With any monthly training purchase of 2x a week or more, you will receive FREE access to ANY group training workouts. That means you can attend 12 free sessions valued at $300 complimentary for the month. Group training workouts will take place Monday, Thursday + Saturdays via google meets. Programming for any free sessions will NOT be included with your monthly purchase.


January Group Training Promo

With purchase of monthly group training (2x a week) you will receive Saturdays FREE. That means you can attend 4 free sessions valued at $100 complimentary for the month. Group sessions cannot be transferred and still require 24 hour cancellation notice. Video recordings and programming will NOT be provided for Saturdays sessions if you are unable to attend.

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