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3 Ways I Get “Back on Track” Post-Vacation + What Things to Avoid

Listen…I personally hate the term “getting back on track” but if you are reading this I assume you understand what I mean by using this term. In my mind this phrase refers to mentally + physically getting back into a disciplined routine that allows us to simultaneously grow + thrive in a healthy, realistic way. That doesn’t mean it’s not challenging because anytime we fall out of good habits, challenge to return will follow YET I emphasis getting back on track should never feel like a punishment. If your getting back on track involves restricting calories, over-exercising + cutting out all carbs…I highly encourage you to switch the narrative, thinking of this time as nourishment for your body rather than malnourishment. Choose the path of malnourishment + your ideal to thrive may very well turn into a never ending cycle of guilt, burn-out + fatigue. Doesn’t sound like thriving to me but as always I’ll leave that choice up to you.

Here’s what I do...


Sleep and hydration! If you are not getting adequate sleep each night or neglecting the importance of hydration - I don’t care what diet plan or fitness routine you follow, you are not going to live up to your full potential. Yes this seems like an easy thing to do however most of us skim over the basics + jump twenty steps ahead. Start simple, prioritize your sleep and drinking enough each day - then focus on step two.


Not even joking, this is ALWAYS my first step to getting back on track. It is what I call “setting myself up for success”. I am a working mother at the moment so grocery pick-up is my jam! Call me lazy but it gets the job done. In these hauls I always make sure to restock all the goods - meat, eggs, raw milk, fresh fruits and vegetables. If whatever food you had in your home is still good when you get back, it most likely is not the best quality/most nourishing option. That is why this is a very important step - have good choices at home and you will automatically make better choices daily.


Surprised!? Movement is SO beneficial for the mind and the body. I prefer walking or a slow weight training session upon getting back from travelling. Jumping into high intensity cardio most likely will feel terrible and also put you at risk for an injury if you are coming off a week or so of just resting. Ease into movement and always listen to your body. If you are consistent, expect a week or two to regain strength and stamina. It won’t feel easy but your body will adapt quicker than you think! Hardest part is showing up and leaving your ego behind.


  • over exercising

  • extreme diets

  • the scale; there is NO benefit to weighing yourself after a vacation and time off. doing this is a punishment. PLEASE just leave the scale + honor your body during this time

  • saying “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll start NEXT Monday”; with that mentality, you will never get to where you want to be

How do you get back on track after time away?

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