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for weight loss, overall health, fat loss + longevity


key word here: DAILY. i am not referencing exercise here, just movement + while i do encourage purposeful exercise every week, i believe daily movement is so underrated + severely lacking in our society (especially given the last few years). think about it — an increase in working from home, grocery delivery comes right to your doorstep, the unappetizing winter chill that keeps us inside + the ease of getting anything else we possible could want from our big comfy couch. in my opinion it has become quite debilitating when realizing how little we actually need to move each day. so how can we change that? morning mobility, an afternoon stretch or an evening walk are great examples of daily movement. other great examples include cleaning the house, taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work, walking around the grocery store or choosing the parking spot furthest away from the door so you have to take a stroll on in. some people strive to hit 10,000 steps a day + that works too! any chance you can find to increase movement each day is a win. sure it may seem like a small win, but these wins add up. daily low intensity movement will lead to a healthier metabolism, decrease in body aches, increase in BMR (basil metabolic rate: total calories your body burns while resting) + overall better moods. so what do you say we get moving! need more structure? try out the workout of the month or my free bodyweight workout program.


can i get an amen?! you may be surprised but weight lifting actually burns more calories than cardio because the effort exerted is much greater than the effort we exert through cardio — and don’t be fooled by what your fitness watch tells you! weight lifting is also more beneficial than cardio when it comes to burning fat because building muscle = losing fat. cardio on the other hand often leads to a decrease in muscle, loss of water weight (ie: sweat) + sometimes an increase in body fat. this comes in correlation between high intensity + high cortisol levels. when our body is stressed out (think high intensity exercise constantly) it tends to stores fat easier. this is why weight lifting is a wonderful medium! not only that but proper weightlifting can help increase flexibility + mobility, increase strength + also increase bone density. that means weightlifting can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, osteopenia + the like, decrease joint pains by increasing our range of motion + compliment family activity such as lifting up your kids or going for a weekend hike. this is why i ALWAYS prioritize lifting over cardio 2 days a week.


aka vitamin d! vitamin d is a nutrient our body needs to maintain healthy bones, support immune health, muscle function + brain cell activity. vitamin d makes us happy! ever hear of seasonal depression? this is commonly due to lack of vitamin d. my recommendation is 5-10 minutes of sunshine every day. keep in mind vitamin d from the sun is absorbed through the skin so you’ll want to expose as much skin as possible without sunscreen for maximum benefits. no sun outside? vitamin d can be supplemented through diet + promoted by treatments like red light therapy but the best form is from the source — the sun!


ah yes, sleep. as a new parent + lifelong insomniac — this one can be difficult but again, very underrated. many times i’ve seen clients plateau or lack results they wish to see + it turns out the are not sleeping enough. sleep is when we restore. not just our brain but our bodies. without proper sleep, our muscles will not restore + recover as needed. it is recommended 7-8 hours a night but note everyone is different. personally i’ve found my natural rhythm is 7.5 hours. any less i feel exhausted, any more i feel groggy. if you are someone that struggles with sleep, check out my tips on how to overcome insomnia.


protein, protein, protein! did you know your body burns more calories when eating protein? that is because it is harder to digest meaning the body has to work hard + in turn — burns more calories. so just by eating more protein daily you can increase the amount of calories you are burning each day. eating an adequate amount of protein can also reduce cravings + will leave you feeling more satiated (less hungry) by end of day. another benefit of protein is that it helps restore + rebuild our muscles. do you feel sore after all of your workouts or ravenous by the end of the day? try upping your protein + see if these symptoms improve. sedentary adults aim to consume ~0.36 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, roughly 54 grams for a person weighing 150 pounds. for someone who is active this goal increases to ~0.75 grams per pound, roughly 115 grams of protein/day. if you are struggling with how much protein you should be eating daily based off of your current goals + needs — let’s set up a consultation or get you a nutritional guideline today.


so you like cardio + sweating like crazy but you aren’t getting enough water?! half your body weight in ounces (ie: you weight 150 - your goal should be a minimum of 75oz of water daily). if you are active, you will need more to replenish what’s lost. benefits of getting enough water include better digestion, reduced hunger, less overall joint + body inflammation, a normalized blood pressure + maintained electrolyte balance throughout the body. need tips to help you drink more water? try adding lemon or fresh fruit, get a large water bottle or milk gallon to keep you accountable throughout the day or put a glass of water next to your bed to drink first thing in the morning. whatever helps, drink more water!

with all that said -- at the end of the day, focus on small achievable goals + remember ramping up the exercise intensity or committing to extremist diets is not the answer if you are looking for sustainable success

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